▲ Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
     ▲ Street level maps for the entire United States, PR, British Islands
         (Canadian mapping version available)
     ▲ Network compatible when used with Street Smarts ServerTM version 5
     ▲ Compatible with Kenwood NEXEDGE and FleetSync GPS products
     ▲ Advanced Geo-fencing
     ▲ Over-the-speed-limit indicator
     ▲ Ability to add custom streets, roads and highways
     ▲ Supports ESRI™ shape file overlay import
     ▲ Built-in report editor/viewer
     ▲ Record and Playback of vehicle routes

Pyramid Communications Street Smarts Platinum version 5 runs on a PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, allowing the dispatcher to monitor vehicle location and status information from the mobile units.

The Street Smarts Platinum version 5 works with the Pyramid Communications model 2017 Merlin AVL, 2018 Centry II GSM AVL, the 3012 and 3012NX (for NEXEDGE) Mobile Data Terminals as well as all Kenwood NEXEDGE integrated mobile GPS and portable GPS Mic products for integrated tracking, status and message management.

The software program includes detailed street level map databases for the entire United States and Canada.

The Street Smarts Platinum version 5 mapping software program allows the dispatcher to visually locate each vehicle on a map, providing street address, vehicle speed, vehicle ID, and I/O status information to the dispatcher for each vehicle.

Geo-fencing allows the dispatcher to define geographic boundaries then receive advisories when the vehicle arrives or leaves these areas. In addition, the over-the-speed-limit indicator will notify the dispatcher when a vehicle exceeds a pre-determined speed.

Each event or location sent by the mobile unit is kept in an annual log data base. Report features include vehicle, time, date, status, heading and speed information. Built in distance counters and address lookup help dispatcher give better direction to drivers. Multiple work stations can be networked with the addition of the Street Smarts Server version 5.